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We are passionate about Science, Toys, and Gadgets! We look for cool toys and gadgets, and share the science behind the Geeky Toys with you.


About Professor Jill

Jill has a degree in Materials Science and Engineering, and has worked as a Manufacturing Engineer for General Motors and IBM, and an Industrial Engineer at Martin Marietta. While at General Motors she dabbled in sculpture design inspired by the scrap metal from the assembly line. At Martin Marietta, the favorite part of her engineering job was giving tours of the factory, and slide shows to school children about what it will be like to live in space. She was the Chair of the 1988 International Space Development Conference in Denver, and served on the board of the L5 Society and the National Space Society. She’s helped organize Space Day Fairs, and programs for Girl Scouts. She loves combining art and technology, and loves sharing the fun of science.